VOLUME 3, Issue 2

Special Issue: The Ethics of Immigration in a Non-Ideal World

Editors: Jan Brezger, Andreas Cassee, and Anna Goppel



Jan Brezger, Andreas Cassee, and Anna Goppel

The Ethics of Immigration in a Non-Ideal World: Introduction [OPEN ACCESS]


David Owen

Refugees, Fairness and Taking up the Slack: On Justice and the International Refugee Regime [OPEN ACCESS]


Javier S. Hidalgo

The Duty to Disobey Immigration Law [OPEN ACCESS]


Linda Bosniak

Wrong, Rights and Regularization


Julian F. Müller

Advancing Justice by Appealing to Self-Interest: The Case for Charter Cities


Henning Hahn

The Right to Exclude, Human Rights, and Political Facts


Oliviero Angeli

Freedom of Movement and Emigration Pressures: A Defence of Immigration Fees


Zoltan Miklosi

Immigration and the Democratic Stability Argument


VOLUME 3, Issue 1

Symposium on Brain Drain

Editor: Eszter Kollár



Eszter Kollar

Symposium on Brain Drain: The Merits and Limits of Furthering Normative Solutions in Source Countries [OPEN ACCESS]


Gillian Brock

Debating Brain Drain: An Overview [OPEN ACCESS]


Michael Blake

Debating Brain Drain: An Overview [OPEN ACCESS]


Lea Ypi

Sharing the Burdens of the Brain Drain


Darrel Moellendorf

Can a Liberal State Make Access to Medical Education Conditional on Public Service?


David Owen

Compulsory Public Service and the Right to Exit


Merten Reglitz

Medical Brain Drain: Free-Riding, Exploitation, and Global Justice


Daniel Edward Callies

Brain Drain, Contracts, and Moral Obligation


Gillian Brock

Solving Problems Associated with the Brain Drain: Fair Contracts, Legitimate States, and Appropriate Policy Measures


Michael Blake

On Money, God, and Dogmatic Liberalism: A Reply to my Critics



Additional Article:


Kerah Gordon-Solmen

Luck, Love, and Extreme Skiiing: Distributive Injustice Without Unfairness




VOLUME 2, Issue 2

Symposium on Discrimination

Editor: Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen



Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen

Discrimination: An Intriguing but Underexplored Issue in Ethics and Political Philosophy [OPEN ACCESS]


Ryan Cook

Discrimination Revised: Reviewing the Relationship between Social Groups, Disparate Treatment and Disparate Impact [OPEN ACCESS]


Raino Malnes

Discrimination: Classification and Moral Assessment


Xiafoei Lu

"No Fats, Femmes or Asians" [OPEN ACCESS]


Oscar Horta

Does Discrimination Require Disadvantage?


Frej Klem Thomsen

Stealing Bread and Sleeping Beneath Bridges: Indirect Discrimination as Disadvantageous Equal Treatment [OPEN ACCESS]



Symposium on the Limits of Markets

Editor: Mark Peacock


Mark Peacock

Symposium on Limits of Markets: Introduction


David Sherman

Ethics and the Reach of Actually Existing Capitalist Markets


Jason Brenann/Peter Jaworski

In Defense of Commodification




VOLUME 2, Issue 1

Special Issue: Intergenerational Justice and Natural Resources

Editors: Lukas Meyer, Pranay Sanklecha, and Alexa Zellentin



Lukas Meyer, Pranay Sanklecha, and Alexa Zellentin

Symposium: Intergenerational Justice and Natural Resources: Introduction [OPEN ACCESS]


Henry Shue

Historical Responsibility, Harm Prohibition, and Preservation Requirement: Core Practical Convergence on Climate Change [OPEN ACCESS]


Eric Brandstedt

The Circumstances of Intergenerational Justice


Diane Williamson

What Can I Hope about the Earth’s Future Climate? Affective Resources for Overcoming Intergenerational Distance, Kantian and Otherwise


Frank Dietrich and Joachim Wündisch

Territory Lost – Climate Change and the Violation of Self-determination Rights [OPEN ACCESS]


Dan Dennis

Property Rights, Future Generations and the Destruction and Degradation of Natural Resources



Additional articles:


Douglas Bamford
The Holistic and Policy-Focused Interpretation of Hypothetical Insurance

Nils Holtug
Welfare Luck Egalitarianism and Expensive Tastes


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VOLUME 1,  Issue 2
Special Issue: Fair Trade

Editor: David Miller


David Miller

Symposium on Fair Trade: Introduction [OPEN ACCESS]


Aaron James
A Theory of Fairness in Trade [OPEN ACCESS]


Mathias Risse & Gabriel Wollner
Three Images of Trage: On the Place of Trade in a Theory of Global Justice [OPEN ACCESS]


Clara Brandi
On the Fairness of Multilateral Trading Systems [OPEN ACCESS]


Andrew Walton
Do Moral Duties Arise from Global Trade? [OPEN ACCESS]


Sonja Dänzer
Unfair Trade, Exploitation and Below-Subsistence Wages


Sylvie Loriaux & Alexia Herwig
International Trade, Fairness, and Labour Migration


VOLUME 1, Issue 1
Special Issue: Global Tax Justice

 Editors: Gillian Brock and Thomas Pogge



Gillian Brock and Thomas Pogge

Global Tax Justice and Global Justice [OPEN ACCESS]


Zorka Milin
Global Tax Justice and the Resource Curse: What Do Corporations Owe?


Miriam Ronzoni

Global Tax Governance: The Bullets Internationalists Must Bite – And Those They Must Not [OPEN ACCESS]


Peter Dietsch & Thomas Rixen
Redistribution, Globalisation, and Multi-level Governance [OPEN ACCESS]


Shmuel Nili
Global Taxation, Global Reform, and Collective Action


Marcus Schulzke
Developing a National Foundation for Global Taxation


Douglas Bamford

Realising International Justice: To Constrain or to Counter-Incentivise?


Ana Tanasoca
Double Taxation, Multiple Citizenship, and Global Inequality [OPEN ACCESS]