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VOLUME 8, Issue 1

Special Issue: Towards Foolproof Democracy: Improving Public Debate and
Political Decision-Making (Part II)


Guest Editors: David Lanius and Ioannis Votsis

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David Lanius and Ioannis Votsis

Introduction to the Second Part of the Special Issue: Towards Foolproof Democracy: Improving Public Debate and Political Decision-Making [OPEN ACCESS]


Brian Ball

Defeating Fake News: On Journalism, Knowledge, and Democracy


Gordon Arlen, Enzo Rossi

Must Realists Be Pessimists About Democracy? Responding to Oligarchic and Epistemic Challenges [OPEN ACCESS]


Natalia Rogach Alexander, Philip Kitcher

Educating Democratic Character




Catherine Kerner, Mathias Risse

Beyond Porn and Discreditation: Epistemic Promises and Perils of Deepfake Technology in Digital Lifeworlds [OPEN ACCESS]


Finlay Malcolm

Democratic Legitimacy and the Competence Obligation


Mollie Gerver

Decriminalizing People Smuggling


Lior Erez

In for a Penny, or: If You Disapprove of Investment Migration, Why Do You Approve of High-Skilled Migration?



VOLUME 6, Issue 1

Special Issue: Demandingness in Practice

Guest Editors: Marcel van Ackeren and Simon Derpmann

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Marcel van Ackeren and Simon Derpmann

Introduction to the Special Issue on Demandingness in Practice [OPEN ACCESS]


Matthew H. Kramer

The Demandingness of Deontological Duties: Is the Absolute Impermissibility of Placatory Torture Irrational? [OPEN ACCESS]


Anna Hartford

How Much Should a Person Know? Moral Inquiry & Demandingness


Alberto Giubilini and Julian Savulescu

Demandingness and Public Health Ethics [OPEN ACCESS]


Kian Mintz-Woo

Principled Utility Discounting Under Risk [OPEN ACCESS]


Brian Berkey

Collective Obligations and Demandingness Complaints




Luke Maring

Which Boders?


Rudolf Schuessler

Sufficientarianism and the Measurement of Inequality


Matthias Brinkmann

Indirect Instrumentalism about Political Legitimacy



VOLUME 5, Issue 2

Special Issue: Normative Aspects of International Trade Institutions
Guest Editor: Valentin Beck

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Valentin Beck

Introduction to the Special Issue on Normative Aspects of International Trade Institutions [OPEN ACCESS]


Christian Neuhäuser

Being Realistic about International Trade Justice


Johannes Kniess

Must We Protect Foreign Investors?


Tadhg Ó Laoighaire

Making Offers They Can't Refuse: Consensus and Domination in the WTO


Lisa Herzog

Global Trade with an Epistemic Upgrade [OPEN ACCESS]


Jonathan William Kuyper

Democratic Legitimacy Beyond the State: Politicization, Representation, and a Systemic Framework




Billy Christmas

Rescuing the Libertarian Non-Aggression Principle


Adam D. Moore

Privacy, Interests, and Inalienable Rights


VOLUME 5, Issue 1

Special Issue: Philip Pettit's The Robust Demands of the Good

Guest Editors: N. P. Adams and Susanne Burri

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N. P. Adams and Susanne Burri

Introduction to the Special Issue on Philip Pettit's The Robust Demands of the Good



Benjamin Ferguson

The Value of Robustness: Promotion or Protection?


Dorothea Gädeke

The Robust Demands of the Right


Federica Gregoratto

The Robust Demands of Oppression: Problematizing Pettit's Account of Attachments


Isaac Taylor

Robust Harms


Sven Nyholm

Pettit on Love and Its Value: A Critical Assessment


Philip Pettit

Defending The Robust Demands of the Good [OPEN ACCESS]




Michael D. Weinmann

Arendt and the Legitimate Expectation for Hospitality and Membership Today


Andrew Lister

The Difference Principle, Capitalism, and Property-Owning Democracy




VOLUME 4, Issue 1

SYMPOSIUM: Autonomy and the Morality of Freedom

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Agnieszka Kochanowicz



John Christman

Anti-Perfectionism and Autonomy in an Imperfect World: Comments on Joseph Raz’s The Morality of Freedom 30 Years On [OPEN ACCESS]


Natalie Stoljar

Relational Autonomy and Perfectionism [OPEN ACCESS]


Chris Mills

How Should Liberal Perfectionists Justify the State?


Gauthier-Chung, Maud Faïle

Hounded Women: The IPV Protocol and the Autonomy of Abuse Victims


DISCUSSION on Jason Brennan's Why not Capitalism


Stephen Hood

Is Capitalist Utopia Noncompetitive? Jason Brennan’s Why Not Capitalism?


Jason Brennan

On Competition in Utopian Capitalism


Stephen Hood

Reply to Brennan




David G. Dick

Transformable Goods and the Limits of What Money Can Buy


Alexandre Gajevic Sayegh

A Case of Non-Ideal Guidance: Tackling Tax Competition [OPEN ACCESS]



VOLUME 3, Issue 2

SPECIAL ISSUE: The Ethics of Immigration in a Non-Ideal World

Guest Editors: Jan Brezger, Andreas Cassee, and Anna Goppel

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Jan Brezger, Andreas Cassee, and Anna Goppel

The Ethics of Immigration in a Non-Ideal World: Introduction [OPEN ACCESS]


David Owen

Refugees, Fairness and Taking up the Slack: On Justice and the International Refugee Regime [OPEN ACCESS]


Javier S. Hidalgo

The Duty to Disobey Immigration Law [OPEN ACCESS]


Linda Bosniak

Wrong, Rights and Regularization


Julian F. Müller

Advancing Justice by Appealing to Self-Interest: The Case for Charter Cities


Henning Hahn

The Right to Exclude, Human Rights, and Political Facts


Oliviero Angeli

Freedom of Movement and Emigration Pressures: A Defence of Immigration Fees


Zoltan Miklosi

Immigration and the Democratic Stability Argument




VOLUME 2, Issue 2

SYMPOSIUM on Discrimination

Guest Editor: Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen

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Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen

Discrimination: An Intriguing but Underexplored Issue in Ethics and Political Philosophy


Ryan Cook

Discrimination Revised: Reviewing the Relationship between Social Groups, Disparate Treatment and Disparate Impact [OPEN ACCESS]


Raino Malnes

Discrimination: Classification and Moral Assessment


Xiafoei Lu

"No Fats, Femmes or Asians" [OPEN ACCESS]


Oscar Horta

Does Discrimination Require Disadvantage?


Frej Klem Thomsen

Stealing Bread and Sleeping Beneath Bridges: Indirect Discrimination as Disadvantageous Equal Treatment [OPEN ACCESS]


SYMPOSIUM on the Limits of Markets

Editor: Mark Peacock


Mark Peacock

Symposium on Limits of Markets: Introduction


David Sherman

Ethics and the Reach of Actually Existing Capitalist Markets


Jason Brennan/Peter Jaworski

In Defense of Commodification




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VOLUME 1,  Issue 2
Special Issue: Fair Trade

Editor: David Miller

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David Miller

Symposium on Fair Trade: Introduction [OPEN ACCESS]


Aaron James
A Theory of Fairness in Trade [OPEN ACCESS]


Mathias Risse & Gabriel Wollner
Three Images of Trage: On the Place of Trade in a Theory of Global Justice [OPEN ACCESS]


Clara Brandi
On the Fairness of Multilateral Trading Systems [OPEN ACCESS]


Andrew Walton
Do Moral Duties Arise from Global Trade? [OPEN ACCESS]


Sonja Dänzer
Unfair Trade, Exploitation and Below-Subsistence Wages


Sylvie Loriaux & Alexia Herwig
International Trade, Fairness, and Labour Migration